Strange Failure Mode in FreeBSD 4.11

Martin McCormick martin at
Thu Jan 12 09:09:05 PST 2006

Greg Barniskis writes:
>If I'm right, you'll see that something happens, in at least the 
>target IP address is ARPed for and you should see the target's MAC 
>in the arp table on the known good system, even if the pings never 
>return. That should at least give you confidence that the NIC in 
>question is functioning insofar as it responds to an ARP request.

	Thanks for your response.  I just went in to single-user mode
and got em0 to configure (same as before), but now, I can ping another
host on the same subnet.  I will try all your suggestions and also
temporarily turn off ipfw.  I did look at the rules and I did remember
to change them to fit the new address when the system left here.  If
that's it, I should have a working system all be it a totally open

	I will let you know what happens.

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