Strange Failure Mode in FreeBSD 4.11

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Thu Jan 12 09:07:14 PST 2006

Martin McCormick wrote:

>	The Ethernet interface, known as em0 on this system, comes up
>According to all the messages.  If, however, you try to use it, it is
>as dead as a stone.  If I try to ping the local host from root, I get this:
>ping: sendto: Permission denied
>ping: sendto: Permission denied
>ping: sendto: Permission denied
>	If I do an ifconfig em0, the settings return as they were set
>in rc.conf.  The router address is correct and the fact that one can't
>ping either tells me that something really nasty happened
>somewhere along the way.
Maybe someone will just tell you an answer, but in case not can you 
actually post the output of ifconfig -a and all the em0 stuff from 

Off the cuff, are you *sure* an ethernet cable is actually plugged in 
and that it is a known working cable?  Note sure why that would scotch 
localhost, though.


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