Looking for SW Firewall

Jim Freeze jim at freeze.org
Thu Jan 12 08:26:43 PST 2006


I am interested implementing a firewall in SW that has similar
features as a Cisco PIX firewall. But, I don't want to roll
my own ipfw statements. A nice gui would be nice. From the 
ports index I see things like:

dante-1.1.15          A circuit-level firewall/proxy
cp2fwb-0.6            Checkpoint FW1 to Firewall Builder ruleset converter
fwbuilder-2.0.10      Firewall Builder GUI and policy compilers
hlfl-0.60.1           High Level Firewall Language
libfwbuilder-2.0.10_1 Firewall Builder API
pfw-0.6.2             A web frontend for the pf firewall

I'm basically looking for a good firewall that has an easy administration

Can someone who has experience with this suggest a fw I should try?


Jim Freeze

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