Slow 2d performance in X / opera / nvidia drivers

Joseph Kerian jkerian at
Thu Jan 12 02:26:15 PST 2006

On 1/11/06, Martin Tournoy <carpetsmoker at> wrote:
> On 10/01/06, Josh Paetzel <josh at> wrote:
*many helpful attachments snipped*
> > I've been having terrible 2d performance with opera (linux-opera and
> > native 8.51 and 9.0) using the nvidia drivers.  When I windowshade it
> > and then restore it there is a sizeable delay while it redraws the
> > window.  If I rapidly shade and restore the window my idle CPU time
> > goes to 0% and mp3 playback will occassionally skip.
> >
> > The problem first started when Opera 8 was released, I hoped that
> > further releases would address it but so far that has not been the
> > case.  Any suggestions for a fix welcome.
> >
> > (Yes, I have been seeking support on but this feels like a
> > FreeBSD mis-configuration of some sort on my end. :)
> You might try turning the twinview of, it takes up heaps of resources
> on my machine, then again, your machine has 300% more RAM and
> clockspeed, so it should be able to handle it fine....
> Try using freebsd AGP, the nvidia should work better but you might
> want to try it anyway...
The other useful file for this might be your Xorg log.

> Which window manager do you use, I noted that KDE can be really,
> really slow even on newer machines (Krap Desktop Enviorment)
*bites the troll*

> Is this problem ONLY with opera? or with other applications to? if you
> have another QT application you might want try how that runs.
> Also check you QT version, maybe it's ancient?
> Did you try using both the static/shared QT versions? If not, it might
> make a diffrence.

I haven't had this problem at all with Opera on the ports KDE, using a
far inferior nvidia card.
I have had a bit of shared library wierdness, but Opera simply refused
to run until I fixed that.

If this is a PCI-Express card, note the discussion of 3d performance here:

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