4.6-RELEASE to 6.0-RELEASE...

Crispy Beef crispy.beef at ntlworld.com
Thu Jan 12 02:03:15 PST 2006

fbsd_user wrote:
> There is a new and faster file system which is introduced in
> release-5.4.
> I highly recommend that you install 6.0 from scratch and
> build your old server services anew to a development box you have
> personal access to. Then remove the hard drive and ship it to you
> remote site and swap with your production drive.  That way you get
> the new file system in production and have quick fall back if things
> don't work.
> There is a lot of maintenance benefits to be had from a new clean
> built from scratch server.

Yeah, from what I've read now and the time involved it seems as though it's 
going to be easier to just get 6.0 installed from scratch, plus I guess 
there's not going to be the possibility of old files from the previous install 
messing up the upgrade.

New install it is.

Might see if the data centre has a spare box I could mirror on for a day or so.


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