Bridging a Cisco Trunk

Dave Raven dave at
Wed Jan 11 06:42:58 PST 2006

Hi all,
	I have two cisco switches, configured to put ports 2-6 on each of
them into vlan 100. Then I have port 1 on both set to trunk between the two
switches. If I have a device on port 2 on switch1 it can ping a device on
port 2 on switch2. 

If I break the link between the two switches, and try to bridge that trunk
with a freebsd box, I can't get it right. Does anyone have any specific
advice? As I understand it I should just be able to bridge my two
interfaces, I have created vlan100 interfaces bound to each though and
bridged them as well just to be sure - neither option works...

Any advice?
Thanks in advance

P.s. please copy me as I'm not on the list

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