script to monitor internet connection

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Wed Jan 11 02:16:05 PST 2006

Yes.  You need to set your DSL modem into Bridged mode then
setup PPP on the FreeBSD system

One big benefit is that when you do this your FreeBSD system
gets a public IP address on it, rather than the public IP
going to the outside of some NAT in your DSL modem that may
or may not work with all protocols you want to run.


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>Rowdy wrote:
>> Brian John wrote:
>>> this is dsl.  Sorry, I should have specified that in the beginning. 
>>> Periodically my dsl modem will lose it's signal, I want to see just
>>> how often this is happening.
>> If your DSL uses PPPoE then the ppp.linkup and ppp.linkdown 
>scripts will
>> be triggered when the link comes up or goes down respectively.  See
>> ppp(8) for details and /usr/share/examples/ppp for examples.
>> Rowdy
>Mine uses PPPoA.  Is it still possible to use these scripts?
>Thanks for the help
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