Matrox G450 DVI console

Mark Knight markk at
Tue Jan 10 15:44:14 PST 2006

Running an up-to-date 6.0-STABLE with xorg-6.8.2.  System is a dual Dell 
PIII with a PCI Matrox G450 to a single DVI flat panel on screen one. No 
second monitor.  mga_hal port installed.

It all works a treat until I switch from X back to the console with 
SHIFT-ALT-F1.  This give me a blank screen with a monitor driven pop-up 
showing "Invalid refresh rate".  If I then ALT-F7 to switch back to X 
the display returns normally.

Any idea how I can get a clean switch from X to the console please?

For logs see:


Disabling ACPI (on a hunch from Google) didn't make any difference.

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