Setting up a FreeBSD gateway (more detail) and IPFW

Dan O'Connor dan at
Tue Jan 10 14:01:54 PST 2006

> Thanks to those who replied to my previous call for help. Now I think 
> it's time I actually provide some relevant detail.


> Ideally, I'd like to be able to leave my workstation's network 
> settings alone, and set up DHCP; however, a look over the ports 
> suggests that's far more trouble than it's worth for a single client 
> that doesn't really need such flexibility.
> I don't have any servers running on my workstation, so I've no need to 
> allow traffic from the 'net to get through the firewall to the 
> LAN(servers on the gateway itself are another matter). However, the 
> firewall is still my biggest challenge.

A DHCP server *looks* challenging to set up...but it's really a snap!
See my example at

Also, check out my firewall setup:

I don't use named, I just allow outbound DNS lookups through the 
firewall. Also, my DHCP server points clients at my ISP's DNS servers...

Hope this helps,


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