installing dovecot: no dovecot-openssl.conf

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Tue Jan 10 13:59:42 PST 2006

Unless you absolutely need SSL support, edit the configuration so as not
to use SSL.
If you do want to use SSL, you will probably want to generate yourself a
self-signed certificate, and then get a real cert from a 3rd party cert
provider when you are ready to go into production.  See
Place the resulting files in the expected locations, and give it a go.


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I have installed /usr/ports/dovecot.

When I try to start it, using '/usr/local/etc/rc.d dovecot start' it
"Error: Can't use SSL certificate /etc/ssl/certs/dovecot.pem: No such
file or directory"
Reading '/usr/local/share/doc/dovecot/configuration.txt' says
"If you need to create new SSL certificate, edit dovecot-openssl.cnf and
but I cannot find a file 'dovecot-openssl.cnf' or '' and have
no 'etc/ssl/certs/' (or /usr/share/ssl or /usr/local/share/ssl)
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