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Paul Khavkine paul.khavkine at distributel.ca
Tue Jan 10 07:47:24 PST 2006

Hi Chuck.

Ran memtest86 over night and no memory errors.

Any other ideas ?


On Mon, 2006-01-09 at 15:22 -0500, Charles Swiger wrote:
> On Jan 9, 2006, at 2:52 PM, Paul Khavkine wrote:
> > When i do that it crashes also but produces gdb.core
> > The backtrace form that doesn't tell me anything about where it
> > happends.
> If gdb itself crashes, I would suspect you've got hardware problems  
> like bad memory.  Try running memtest86.org's RAM tester overnight  
> and see whether it picks up anything...
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