Xorg - how to disable some video modes?

ivan.roth at free.fr ivan.roth at free.fr
Tue Jan 10 05:23:27 PST 2006

Quoting User Gandalf <gandalf at messias.qhigh.com>:

> Martin Möller wrote:
>> * gandalf <gandalf at messias.qhigh.com> [08-01-2006 10:29:18 +0100]:
>>> I can attach my xorg.conf file, if it helps.
>> Yes, that would help indeed.
> Here is the config. I made a mistake. You were right. I forgot to use 
> DefaultDepth. But I do not understand why I need it, since 24 is the 
> only depth specified in my screen section,
> Without "DefaultDepth 24" it starts with 1900x1440. With 
> "DefaultDepth 24" is starts in 1024x768 but it does not allow me to 
> switch to 1280x1024 with Ctrl-Alt-Plus.
> Thanks,
>   Les

Hi "user gandalf" :)

You seem to know more than me the xorg.conf file. What happened if you 
your Modes like this:

Modes   "1024x768_100.00" "1280x1024_85.00"

Mine are separated and all works fine. If you can't find answer before 7 p.m.
(GMT) I will test some changes on my config.

Regards, Ivan

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