USB-driver for iRiver H10 Player/Mass Storage under FreeBSD 4.11

Tom and Elke Butz thomas.butz at
Mon Jan 9 23:45:05 PST 2006

Hi there,

I've spent quite a bit of time on FreeBSD 4.11 (after years of Linux), and must admit: it's one
of the best/fastest/safest/best-documented systems around. It actaully supports my Maxium
memory-stick with built-in MP3-player without a hitch, but I can't get the iRiver connected.
It gets recognised, but then everything stalls. And I haven't read of any viruses getting into
its UFS-filesystem.

To give you an idea: Damn Small Linux (2.4.22) supports it, and so does Trinux (2.4.26). For safety
and other reasons I'd like to have everything running under FreeBSD 4.11, so that's why I'm so
keen on getting the iRiver connected.

BTW, Windows 98SE supports the Maxium memory-stick, but not the iRiver (needs XP).

Thanks for your help,

Tom Butz, New Zealand.

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