Spamcop listed - need help to diagnose why

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>Thanks for the response, Robert.  I know tmda and such services anger
>some people.  I also find other people who ask me how they can get
>such a service, only because spam is so difficult to block. I guess it
>depends on how important email is to you.

>I would never ask a question
>on this board and expect people to confirm,

David, that is the fundamental problem with this kind of service.
The vast, vast majority of users that do e-mail confirmations do NOT
use them appropriately.  If everyone that used it was like you and put
some brains into turning it off when posting to a public list or
some such, it wouldn't be a problem.

But the fact that spam exists at all - because for spam to work you
need a critical mass of stupid people willing to pay spammers for their
hair tonics or whatever they are selling - should prove conclusively
that there's too many stupid people out there on the e-mail network
for a system like mail confirmations to be of any wide value.


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