Xorg - how to disable some video modes?

User Gandalf gandalf at messias.qhigh.com
Mon Jan 9 14:20:31 PST 2006


I have FreeBSD 6.0 with an xorg server installed. I followed the 
instructions in the handbook, and I could create a working xorg.conf 
file. My problem is that xorg starts with 1920x1440 at 61Hz. I would like 
to have 1024x768 at 101Hz by default. I tried to add

Modes "1024x768"

Also tried to use gtf to create a 1024x768 at 100Hz mode and add a

UseModes "1024x768_100.00"

section. But I was not able to disable 1920x1440, 1600x1200 and 
1280x1024. What I do know is that I go to the control panel of xfce each 
time and switch back to 1024x768 manually.

Thanks for your help


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