"Support for 80386 processors (the I386_CPU kernel configuration

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Please break your lines at around 70 characters.  It makes it much
easier for people with text based Email readers to read and respond
to your posts.

> Hello.  I quoted the subject of the email directly from the kernel 
> changes section of the FreeBSD/i386-RELEASE release notes.  I am not 
> sure if I am reading this correctly, but does this mean that people 
> who have Intel-based processors (such as P4 and Celeron) should not 
> use 6.0 and only use 5.4?  I want to intsall FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE 
> on a Celeron and a P4, and to the best of my knowledge they 
> are i386 processors (80386).  If someone could clear this up I 
> would appreciate it.

No.  You should use 6.0.
i386 is just a generic name for the whole class of processors
that have followed Intel's i386 line, starting with the 80386 and
everything afterward.    P4, P5, P6 and etc all are part of this line.


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