Spamcop listed - need help to diagnose why

David Banning davidernest at
Mon Jan 9 07:21:24 PST 2006

Thanks for the response, Robert.  I know tmda and such services anger
some people.  I also find other people who ask me how they can get
such a service, only because spam is so difficult to block. I guess it
depends on how important email is to you. I would never ask a question
on this board and expect people to confirm, but in business I find it
helpful. I compare it to the benefit vs hassle of voice mail; some who
must leave messages hate it, but I find both voice mail and tmda
services actuals stops certain types of calls or email that I do not

On the problem at hand, I used tcpdump to watch the traffic on my line
and noticed one of my windows boxes was sending it - a virus as it
turned out. All is well -

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