how do you install wx-config in FreeBSD?

bob self bobself at
Mon Jan 9 01:22:37 PST 2006

JD Arnold wrote:

> bob self wrote:
>> I'm running FreeBSD 6.0 and have installed
>> wxgtk2-2.6.2_1 and wxgtk2-common-2.6.2.
>> VLC runs fine so I know that wxwidges is installed correctly. But I 
>> want to install the wxsamples
>> and compile them. I copied wxsamples manually and try to compile 
>> using a script from an older
>> freebsd system but it wants wx-config and I can't find out how to get 
>> that installed using the
>> ports. Which port would include that?
> wx-config is in the wxWidgets port, only it is named using the version
> of wxgtk:
> /usr/X11R6/bin/wxgtk2-2.6-config
> I guess maybe they don't want to overwrite any existing wx-config, but I
> suppose it would be nice if the port installer checked for it, and if it
> didn't exist, create it using a link. You should do that (as root):
> # cd /usr/X11R6/bin
> # ln wx-gtk2-2.6-config wx-config
> You can find out whether it got intalled by the wxgtk port by using 
> pkg_info:
> # pkg_info -xL wxgtk | grep bin
> would should show where the -config and the wxrc got installed.
> BTW, I talk about the pkg_info option in a recent post on my blog. Thanks
> to Dru from for showing me this very cool option, something 
> I've
> always wondered about, as sometimes it can be very mysterious as to 
> what and
> where a port might install stuff.
I did find setup.h in /usr/X11R6/include/wx-2.6/gtk2-ansi-release-2.6

I installed wxgtk2 using portupgrade but no configuration screen came up.
What is the procedure to configure wxgtk2 if you use portupgrade? I see 
that my setup.h has
#define wxUSE_MEDIACTRL     0
which is not what I want, so I need to reconfigure it but haven't been 
able to find out how to do that.


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