Which is the best open source C/C++ IDE out there?

Frank Staals frankstaals at gmx.net
Sun Jan 8 10:18:10 PST 2006

Kiffin Gish wrote:

>I've played around with Anjuta and Code::Blocks and was wondering what
>is the preferred open source C/C++ IDE available for advanced users.
>Pros and cons etc. would be greatly appreciated.
What would be the best IDE can I nor anybody else on this list tell you, 
it's a matter of taste. Anyway: I think anjuta is a realy nice IDE, it 
has a lot of features and it runs pretty fast, so that would be my tip. 
You can also try Eclipse + CDT plugin, which also seems to be a great 
developement tool, I haven't used the CDT plugin, but I'm using eclipse 
for java and it works realy great, allthough Eclipse does require a fast 

Good luck finding an IDE which YOU like,

-Frank Staals

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