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Danial Thom wrote:
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>> On 07/01/06 Jorge Biquez said:
>>> Hello all. Very interesting comments and
>> suggestions.
>>> I hope my question does not seems too off
>> topic. Do you think the path to 
>>> follow for developing applications for the
>> new PDA, Smartphones, Ipaq and 
>>> similar devices it is the same? C or C++? I
>> have some friends that said it 
>>> is the only way but I am not sure of that.
>> Any experiences or comments.?
>> With the kind of hardware that can be put into
>> a device like that these days,
>> it's hard to tell, but I tend to see C/C++.
>> Occasionally I see Java, sometimes
>> Python. 
>> There is no rule for this, you simply use the
>> right tool for the job.
> Am I the only one that has noticed that virtually
> everything written in Java sucks? I don't
> understand why its used. Is having a program that
> sucks on multiple platforms really an advantage
> over having a program that is good on 1 or 2
> platforms? I really don't get it.

You should read Joel Spotsky's diatribe against "Java Schools", where
many colleges are stooping to teaching in Java, leaving most students
woefully unprepared for the real world, and making it hard for someone
to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to hiring:

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