System segfaulting / panicking a lot after kernel upgrade

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sat Jan 7 23:18:39 PST 2006

Hello again,
	I've reinstalled FreeBSD 6.0 on my celeron box recently, and after a  
kernel upgrade my system seems to be segfaulting a lot during  
compilations and has panicked quite a few times. First thing that  
pops into my mind is bad RAM, but I also changed the CPU arch to  
pentium3 (which I thought was valid for my Tualatin 1.2 GHz Celeron),  
and upped the optimization level to -O2. Could that possibly have  
anything to do with the issues I am seeing? I also added quite a few  
modules to WITHOUT_MODULES, which I didn't think would cause a  
problem, but I'm not a pro at maneuvering around the FreeBSD kernel  
	Thanks in advance,

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