Problem in install USB data cabel (based on prolific 2303 chip) for Siemens C72 mobile phone.

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On Saturday,  7 January 2006 at 19:10:33 +0200, gooroo at wrote:
On Saturday,  7 January 2006 at 21:12:04 +0200, gooroo at wrote:
On Saturday,  7 January 2006 at 21:12:04 +0200, gooroo at wrote:
On Saturday,  7 January 2006 at 21:14:19 +0200, gooroo at wrote:
> # This is loader.conf - a file full of useful variables that you can
> # set to change the default load behavior of your system.

Only yesterday I replied to another message of yours suggesting that
you should read  You appear not
to have done so.  There you would have read:

> When submitting a question to FreeBSD-questions, consider the
> following points:
>    1. Remember that nobody gets paid for answering a FreeBSD
>       question. They do it of their own free will. You can influence
>       this free will positively by submitting a well-formulated
>       question supplying as much relevant information as possible. You
>       can influence this free will negatively by submitting an
>       incomplete, illegible, or rude question.
> ...
> 6.  Specify as much information as possible.
>     * In nearly every case, it's important to know the version of
>       FreeBSD you're running. This is particularly the case for
>       FreeBSD-CURRENT, where you should also specify the date of the
>       sources, though of course you shouldn't be sending questions
>       about -CURRENT to FreeBSD-questions.
>     * With any problem which could be hardware related, tell us about
>       your hardware. In case of doubt, assume it's possible that it's
>       hardware. What kind of CPU are you using? How fast? What
>       motherboard? How much memory? What peripherals?
>     * If you get error messages, don't say "I get error messages", say
>       (for example) "I get the error message 'No route to host"'.

You have driven this problem to extremes by not specifying any problem
at all.

>   7.  If you do all this, and you still don't get an answer, there
>       could be other reasons. For example, the problem is so
>       complicated that nobody knows the answer, or the person who does
>       know the answer was offline. If you don't get an answer after,
>       say, a week, it might help to re-send the message. If you don't
>       get an answer to your second message, though, you're probably
>       not going to get one from this forum. Resending the same message
>       again and again will only make you unpopular.

You sent the same message four times in two hours.  You didn't state a
problem, so you were lucky to get any kind of reply at all.  You won't
get a solution to your problem until you describe it.  Please don't
send any more messages until you have something to say.

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