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> >Danial Thom wrote:
> >>--- Nicolas Blais <nb_root at> wrote:
> >>>On January 2, 2006 04:52 pm, Sean wrote:
> >>>>Sean wrote:
> >>>>> Looking for recommendations on any Unix programming books.  I have
> >>>>> been out of things for a while so I would put my skill level back
> >>>>> to the beginning.
> >>>>
> >>>> I forgot to mention that I wish to work withC/C++
> >>>
> >>> There's a free C++ book which is great:
> >>>
> >>> You can also buy the hardcopy on Amazon.
> >>
> >> I'd recommend learning C before C++. In order to be an effective unix
> >> programmer you must master the C language, as you'll have to examine
> >> and modify code in C to do anything substantial.  Virtually all major
> >> programs and kernels are 'C' based.
> >
> > I think, in general, this is wrong.
>I think, in general, this is right.
> > And I think many "professionals" also feel that learning C++ is the
> > way to go.  If you just learning, you might as well start with
> > C++. For many good reasons, see Stroustrup's answer himself:
> >
> >
>Which essentially boils down to "learn C++ it's better and easier to
>learn".  I very much disagree, but this is another flamewar, I guess.
>Danial is right that there are many large programs out there that are
>written in C, not C++.  This means that just learning C++ and hoping to
>"cope with it" when an 11,000,000-line monster, written in plain C,
>comes along is just not going to cut it.
>Thus, "learn both" is a good answer, but I understand that this may be
>quite impossible some times.

Hello all. Very interesting comments and suggestions.
I hope my question does not seems too off topic. Do you think the path to 
follow for developing applications for the new PDA, Smartphones, Ipaq and 
similar devices it is the same? C or C++? I have some friends that said it 
is the only way but I am not sure of that. Any experiences or comments.?

Take care


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