Problem with cvs commit failed in cvs-freebsd setup

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Sat Jan 7 13:28:29 PST 2006

On 2006-01-08 02:24, Jose Liang <jliang at> wrote:
> The results of cvsd-buginfo are:

Very detailed information.  Thanks for taking the time to gather it!

> cvsd 1.0.10 built with:
> ./configure --with-libwrap --prefix=/usr/local --build=i386-portbld-freebsd5
> .4 LDFLAGS= CFLAGS=-O -pipe  CPPFLAGS= build_alias=i386-portbld-reebsd5.4
> CC=cc
> /usr/local/etc/cvsd/cvsd.conf:
>  RootJail /home/cvs/cvs
>  Uid cvs
>  Gid cvs

The group id which cvsd tries to set is 'cvs'.  Nice so far.

> /home/cvs/cvs:
>  [...]
>  drwxr-xr-x cvs   cvs       512 Jan  7 08:10 etc
>  -rw------- cvs   cvs       168 Jan  7 08:10 etc/master.passwd
>  -rw-r--r-- cvs   cvs       153 Jan  7 08:10 etc/passwd
>  -rw-r--r-- cvs   cvs     40960 Jan  7 08:10 etc/pwd.db
>  -rw------- cvs   cvs     40960 Jan  7 08:10 etc/spwd.db

You don't have an /etc/group file within the chroot environment.

This may be a problem, since the Perl scripts of the CVSROOT/ directory
will run "inside" the chroot, so they will not have access to user group

> Is there a any incorrect one that needs changing?
> Thanks a lot!

Try creating a minimal /etc/group file inside the chroot environment,
and see if this fixes the problem.  If not, you may have to dig a bit
deeper into Perl stuff and add debugging code around the execution of
CVSROOT/commitcheck, i.e. by modifying CVSROOT/commitinfo to call a
script of your own, which prints more information about the process that
tries to invoke CVSROOT/commitcheck.

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