Enabling atapi-cam and other kernel features

Alistar Erlas millueradfa at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 7 08:04:35 PST 2006

Recently, I read in the FreeBSD handbook, that in
order to use the atapi-cam support, it has to be
compiled into the kernel. Why not include the
atapi-cam support in a module that can simply be
loaded by the user without rebooting the machine? It
seems like it would be much eisier and less of a
hassle that way. It seems like recompiling the kernel
(I have done it before) is an awful lot of work just
to be able to use some features of the DVD drive which
most new computers have these days. The user should be
able to add new hardware support to the kernel and
reconfigure as much of it as possible without
recompiling it, or even rebooting it. This is
especially true in troubleshooting where quick changes
may be needed and where recompiling each time a
setting is changed becomes quite awkward. Allowing
more run time configuration would both make FreeBSD
more configurable and expert friendly as well as
easier to use for everyone. I think in order to make
software easy to use, it needs to be highly
configurable, and not require a recompile just to add
hardware support.

Thank you.

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