Sparc dual boot problems

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Fri Jan 6 22:42:01 PST 2006

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Subject: Sparc dual boot problems

> During the partition process it says I will have the option to 
> configure the boot
> loader latter.  Right now I can't boot FreeBSD and I have no idea how 
> to configure
> this machine to make it dual boot?  I would like to have Solaris 10 as 
> the primary
> O/S, FreeBSD as the secondary and Sparc Linux on the third hd.

I don't know if theres a possibility of using a boot loader, but I have 
multibooted my sparc boxes from the OFW prompt by writing the primary OS 
into OFW config and booting into other OS's using the ofw prompt 
(stop-a) and then giving boot command with the disk/cdrom name I want to 
boot from. I think neither NetBSD or FreeBSD supports a boot loader on 
Sparc but I'm not 100% sure about that. After trying Slowlaris I'm 
running all my boxes with BSD's only though.


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