script to monitor internet connection

Rowdy rowdy at
Fri Jan 6 15:51:26 PST 2006

Brian John wrote:
> Hello, I would like to write a script to monitor my internet
> connection status. My home connection goes down fairly often and I
> would like to get an idea for just how often it goes down and if
> possible how long it goes down for. Could someone help me write a
> script that will check my connection to the internet and log whenever
> it goes down and possibly how long it goes down for?  I want to have
> some evidence to give to my ISP that my connection is going down.
> Thanks
> /Brian

Assuming it is a PPP connection, type 'man ppp' and read about the files
/etc/ppp/ppp.linkup and /etc/ppp/ppp.linkdown - they should allow you to
echo a line to a log file of your own devising.


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