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Thu Jan 5 18:01:35 PST 2006

lars wrote:

> Martin Cracauer wrote:
>> Sean wrote on Mon, Jan 02, 2006 at 04:09:27PM -0500:
>>> Looking for recommendations on any Unix programming books.
>>> I have been out of things for a while so I would put my skill level 
>>> back to the beginning.
>> W. Richard Steven's "Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment",
>> along with his "Unix Network Programming" are still classics and from
>> what I have seen best by far.
>> Martin
> I also recommend "The Art of UNIX Programming" by Eric S. Raymond
> for some cultural information on Unix programming.
> It's also available whole online for free at his website.

Oddly, I think I wish this were not so ... I would say, everything I've 
ever gotten that was free, turned out to be worth the price, and I just 
would not want to devalue that man's tremendous contribution, in any 
method whatsoever.  Even if it means that teeners starting out have to 
beg a bit.

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