Minimal 6.0 installed - need your recommendation to get services installed and up

JK Scheinberg jzk at
Thu Jan 5 11:05:41 PST 2006

I want to setup, in the easiest and quickest possible way, a server  
for apache-ssl, php, mysql, and postfix/courier-imap.

I've installed FreeBSD 6.0.  A minimal install.   I don't care about  
anything else but those applications and services ( well, ssh so I  
can attach to the machine, but I have that working already )

I don't feel the need to work from sources, binaries would probably  
be fine. I connect via ssh and don't want X.  I'd rather not even  
install the development tools ( they are not on there yet)

I'd like to be able to keep the system up to date as patches etc come  

There are tons of references on how to do this on the net but I've  
tried a bunch of them and either they are not complete or they  
require hours of cvsup'ing and building from source etc.

I just want to get this up and working and not have to spend tons of  
time doing that or maintaining it

So,  how do you recommend I do this?


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