FreeBSD 6.0 and Shuttle AMD64

Jean-Baptiste Potonnier jean-baptiste.potonnier at
Thu Jan 5 09:34:35 PST 2006

Crispy Beef wrote:

> Jean-Baptiste Potonnier wrote:
>> Crispy Beef wrote:
>>>>> Just booted my AMD64 system with the install CD from the link 
>>>>> above and got into sysinstall no problem, booted the kernel (with 
>>>>> ACPI) and could see all hardware being detected nicely.
>>>>> I remember when I first had the system that I had to flash the 
>>>>> BIOS as the USB 2.0 stuff was causing issues with both Windows and 
>>>>> Linux, maybe it's worth updating the BIOS, outside of that I don't 
>>>>> really know what to suggest and will have to leave it for somebody 
>>>>> with more FreeBSD experience to answer.
>>> Have you tried it with ACPI enabled?  I think it's option 2 on the 
>>> menu. You'll be needing that enabled for the system anyway.
>> Do you talk about the BIOS menu? because I have no menu in the 
>> installer (if fact I think I'm not in the installer but in a 
>> mini-shell for loading a kernel)
> When the install CD boots, you normally get presented with a menu 
> (same on an installed FreeBSD system) which allows you to choose to 
> boot the system with; 1) ACPI Disabled 2) ACPI Enabled...a safe mode 
> etc. etc.  If you are not getting to that then it sound like you might 
> be at the loader console

> .

Ok,  I think so,
but it seems I can't load anything!

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