FreeBSD 6.0 and Shuttle AMD64

Crispy Beef crispy.beef at
Thu Jan 5 07:57:44 PST 2006

Jean-Baptiste Potonnier wrote:
>> Jean-Baptiste Potonnier wrote:
>>> / I'm a new FreeBSD user, just tested it on an old i386, and want to 
>> />/ switch from Slackware linux to FreeBSD or NetBSD.
>> />/ I wanted to install FreeBSD on my new Shuttle SN95G5: the AMD64 
>> cdrom # />/ 1 boots, but a message tells me that no kernel can be loaded.
>> />/ I get a command line wit "boot", "ls", 'load', etc. I tried some 
>> command />/ to load a kernel but it didn't work.
>> />/ />/ I don't know if can install FreeBSD on this hardware with this 
>> /
>> I would think you'll need to download the AMD64 ISO from here:
>> -- 
>> Paul
> I Tried with these iso.

Just booted my AMD64 system with the install CD from the link above and got 
into sysinstall no problem, booted the kernel (with ACPI) and could see all 
hardware being detected nicely.

I remember when I first had the system that I had to flash the BIOS as the USB 
2.0 stuff was causing issues with both Windows and Linux, maybe it's worth 
updating the BIOS, outside of that I don't really know what to suggest and 
will have to leave it for somebody with more FreeBSD experience to answer.


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