Can someone please repost the fix for installing OpenOffice on FreeBSD 6.0

Tim Greening-Jackson tim.greeningjackson at
Thu Jan 5 06:36:30 PST 2006

Hello there. I am trying to install Open Office on my new FreeBSD
workstation, and have downloaded the appropriate BZ2 file from and unzipped it. 

Now when I ask pkg_add to add it I get the following:

  tordella# pkg_add OOo_SRC680_m146_FreeBSD60Intel_install_en-GB.tar
  pkg_add: could not find package openssl-beta-0.9.8a !

I recall exactly this topic being discussed on this list a few weeks
ago, but have long-since deleted the solution (IIRC, it involved some
way of forcing pkg_add to use a version of openssl other than beta
0.9.8a. Please can someone forward the original reply or otherwise
enlighten me.

Many thanks.


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