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JD Arnold jdarnold at
Thu Jan 5 06:27:32 PST 2006

Michael P. Soulier wrote:
> On 12/18/05, Shantanoo Mahajan <shantanoo at> wrote:
>> Daemontools can be found out by:
>> cd /usr/ports && make search name=daemontools
> Where are these make options in ports documented? I'd like to know all
> of the options available in ports. I usually just cd /usr/ports && ls
> -d */*daemontools*

1] There is a script for searching the ports too.  Check out /usr/ports/Tools/scripts
for the portsearch script, and it's "man" page, README.portsearch. Plenty of search options
in there.

2] I normally just use the ports web page to search for a port. It has the
best interface.

3] I talk about the ports Makefile here:

> A target that tells me what a port has in the way of options would be nice too.

For that, you just need to read the Makefile in the port folder.  It's usually pretty
self explanatory.  

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