Kernel Compilation...

Crispy Beef crispy.beef at
Thu Jan 5 01:57:13 PST 2006

Robert Huff wrote:
> Nikolas Britton writes:
>> Still sounds like a hardware problem.
> 	Maybe not.
> 	A couple of years back - in the early days of 4.x - I had a
> problem which I /think/ manifested in the manner originally
> described.
> 	It turned out to be the script I'd set up to automate this
> process - an unnecessary "make depends" IIRC.  It was the same error
> every time, but the exact location changed.  Drove me up the wall.
> 	Unless you (generic) really really really know what you're
> doing, follow the steps in the Handbook.  They're tested, and they
> work.  Including reading /ysr/src/UPDATING.

I've not really done anything special with scripts, just altered make.conf the 
one time to include a few compiler options (-O2 -march=pentium2 -pipe).

The kernel has now compiled a few times with and without the above options.

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