About samba 3 options to compile?

perikillo perikillo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 21:47:46 PST 2006

  Hi people.
    I was trying to install /usr/ports/net/samba3 on my freebsd 5.4-p8
box, but he ask me some questions:

                LDAP            "With LDAP support" on \
                ADS             "With Active Directory support" off \
                CUPS            "With CUPS printing support" on \
                WINBIND         "With WinBIND support" on \
                ACL_SUPPORT     "With ACL support" off \
                AIO_SUPPORT     "With experimental AIO support" off \
                SYSLOG          "With Syslog support" off \
                QUOTAS          "With Quota support" off \
                UTMP            "With UTMP support" on \
                MSDFS           "With MSDFS support" off \
                SAM_XML         "With XML smbpasswd backend" off \
                SAM_MYSQL       "With MYSQL smbpasswd backend" off \
                SAM_PGSQL       "With PostgreSQL smbpasswd backend" off \
                SAM_OLD_LDAP    "With Samba2.x LDAP smbpasswd backend" off \
                PAM_SMBPASS     "With SMB PAM module" off \
                EXP_MODULES     "With experimental module(s)" off \
                POPT            "With installed POPT library" on

I have two situations:

1; i want to try this on my home network runnning windows 2k advanced
server on WORKGROUP.

2; The other setup is on one domain running win2k3 standard edition

   But for both situations, wich options i need to enable and disable
went i run the make install command...?

    This is my first time i will run samba my own, and really i want
to understand wich args i need for each enviroment, i prefer the ports
over the packages.

    I read the samba page

    but you know, only linux stuff.

*I already have running freebsd 5.4-p8/mysql5/cups/

    Any help will be apreciated, thanks for your time.

 Greattings all!!!

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