Problem with local rc.d scripts in 6.0

Mark Ovens marko at
Wed Jan 4 16:54:07 PST 2006

Since src u/g 5.4->6 the *_enable variables in rc.conf for local rc.d 
scripts are being ignored. For example, neither lisad (for KDE LAN 
Browsing) or giftd (for giFT) are starting.

In rc.conf I have:

lisa_enable="YES"       # Lisa daemon for LAN Browsing in Konqueror
giftd_flags="-d -q"

Adding 'rc_debug="YES"' to rc.conf shows:

/etc/rc: DEBUG: checkyesno: usbd_enable is set to YES.
Starting usbd.
/etc/rc: DEBUG: run_rc_command: _doit: /usr/sbin/usbd
/etc/rc: DEBUG: checkyesno: nis_yppasswdd_enable is set to NO.
/etc/rc: DEBUG: checkyesno: lisa_enable is set to NO.
/etc/rc: DEBUG: checkyesno: giftd_enable is set to NO.
cups: started scheduler.
/etc/rc: DEBUG: checkyesno: slpd_enable is set to NO.
/etc/rc: DEBUG: run_rc_command: evaluating pkgtools_start().

Note that lisa_enable and giftd_enable are NO.

I've tried moving the lines from rc.conf to rc.conf.local but it makes 
no difference.

Old-style .sh scripts in /usr/local/etc/rc.d are being run from 

In /etc/rc we have

# Now that disks are mounted, for each dir in $local_startup
# search for init scripts that use the new rc.d semantics.
case ${local_startup} in
[Nn][Oo] | '') ;;
*)      find_local_scripts_new ;;

so they are being run but the variables set in rc.conf are not being 
honoured so the daemons aren't started.

Once the system is up the scripts work OK from the command line:

/home/mark{107}# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/ DEBUG: checkyesno: lisa_enable is set to YES.
Starting lisa.
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/ DEBUG: run_rc_command: _doit: 
/usr/local/bin/lisa  -q -c /usr/local/etc/lisarc

So the variables are now being honoured.

I've found several threads in the mailing lists about rc.d problems, but 
not this particular one, and haven't been able to figure out the cause. 
I wonder if I screwed up when running mergemaster(8) after the upgrade?

Any help would be appreciated.



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