Data Execution Protection

klowd9 - klowd92 at
Wed Jan 4 11:57:24 PST 2006

Does FreeBSD have any support for Data Execution Protection (DEP) and 
Non-Executable Stack?
What are the future plans for this subject?
I quickly coded a executable file of ELF format, using nasm. It had no .text 
section. Only a .data section, which is
where my code was placed. Any much to my suprise it not only assembled and 
linked with no errors, but also
ran with no errors.
I believe windows will not run a file which there no section which is marked 
executable. Thats is just the work of
the PE Loader. Im not sure the what the policy is on running code that isnt 
marked in an executable section.
Im assembling with nasm, and linking with ld. Maybe one of them is marking 
the section as executable, but i find
that hard to believe.

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