Setting up a FreeBSD gateway

Dan O'Connor dan at
Wed Jan 4 11:36:19 PST 2006

> I have one machine that's acting as a gateway for my home PC, in 
> addition to running a few local servers. I know I shouldn't do that, 
> but the traffic is low and I just don't have room for more computers 
> in my room, anyway.
> At any rate... I think I've got the packet-forwarding aspect set up 
> OK; I compiled a kernel with the options I found in the docs on the 
> matter.
> However, I don't know how to set up DNS. Specifically, I want to 
> either pass all DNS requests through the gateway, or have the gateway 
> run a local DNS that queries my ISP's DNS in turn. Can anyone point me 
> to some steps on how to set that up?

Here's how I do it (my ISP maintains my domain name records on their DNS 


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