Setting up a FreeBSD gateway

Brian Bobowski bbobowski at
Wed Jan 4 09:44:21 PST 2006

OK, I've tried searching through man pages and such, but I've got kind 
of lost here.

I have one machine that's acting as a gateway for my home PC, in 
addition to running a few local servers. I know I shouldn't do that, but 
the traffic is low and I just don't have room for more computers in my 
room, anyway.

At any rate... I think I've got the packet-forwarding aspect set up OK; 
I compiled a kernel with the options I found in the docs on the matter.

However, I don't know how to set up DNS. Specifically, I want to either 
pass all DNS requests through the gateway, or have the gateway run a 
local DNS that queries my ISP's DNS in turn. Can anyone point me to some 
steps on how to set that up?

A bit of user-friendly instruction on using ipfw would be nice, too; I 
think I'd be able to figure it out in time, but if someone can spare a 
few moments to point out where I can find instructions on e.g. passing 
traffic on certain ports through to the other machine, handling others, 
and blocking the rest, it'd be appreciated. It's specifically the 
forwarding part that has me a bit mystified.

Please reply off-list.



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