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Tue Jan 3 14:25:11 PST 2006

On Tuesday 03 January 2006 16:50, Josh Soza wrote:
> Allen wrote:
> >I wrote this quite a while ago and I've posted it to the docs list before
> > and it got a good repsonce, but I've seen a couple install questions on
> > here so I'm going to link to it again for this list. I don't think there
> > is an easier to follow installer help anywhere. Not arrogance, but I did
> > do very well with it in making it easy as crap to install:
> >
> >
> >
> >You don't have to sign up to read this.
> >
> >-Allen
> First off this is NOT a flame.  But I found your tutorial extremely hard
> to follow.  First what does a user do if they can't boot from CD?  

I believe in the intro I pointed out "Assumptions" that you need to boot from 
CD for this particular tutorial. May God have mercy on anyone trying to do a 
floppy install. Even the books say not to do that.

Ah here it is:

You have a CD-ROM drive

You won't be sharing the HD with another OS (If you are, when it comes time to 
partition, you're on your own I won't be showing you how to partition to use 
another OS with it, as I don't, and don't feel the need to, as there is 
enough documentation to get you through this anyway, and besides, you have to 
partition to use Free BSD anyway, so if you can do that, you can do it to 
allow another OS to reside on disk with Free BSD too.)

You will be setting up a network connection. (If you are not, then skip that 

> Are 
> there any preinstallation tasks like: inventory of hardware, ps/2 mouse
> or serial, size of partitions, user accounts/groups(other than root).  I
> personally find it easier if you have a plan rather than shooting from
> the hip.

Again I believe that was pointed out as well where I pointed out the others I 
wrote, those say to grab all hardware info from your current OS as you'll 
need it. And I believe it was pointed out in this one as well. Not positive 
as I'm not reading through the entire thing, I've been up for 24 hours and 
I'm to tired to look when I know my other tutorials are linked to at the 
bottom and that do say to do so.

> You should have just told people to use the FreeBSD book or goto the
> handbook online.

I did.... Several times. Except I took out online and put "Buy these two books 
as they are good for anyone using BSD". Again, I believe people should at 
least buy those two books listed in the tutorial, both go over installs with 
pictures, and again, this was meant for people that you rightly pointed out 
don't care how the computer works.

The users who've read it and used it have told me it was the easiest doc the 
have ever read and they were glad it was in non technical terms for them. A 
couple admins told me they have printed this out and put it up at the office.

> Another thing is that most people don't want to know or figure out how
> to install an operating system.  They just want that puter thing to
> work.  They don't care about disk partitions, video cards, or mouse
> daemons they just want it to work.
> You say:
> "I don't think there is an easier
> to follow installer help anywhere. Not arrogance, but I did do very well
> with
> it in making it easy as crap to install"
> I guess thats for yah.
> What about as Frank said.
> You should join the core team with your humbleness.  Then in a later
> post on this thread you go onto say "Lots more but I'm not going to
> waste space."  For that I applaude you ;)  Again this isn't a flame just
> being brutally honest.  I think Frank said it best "Good luck on your
> future writing, I hope that I didnt come across to strong on this post,
> But it is what it is."

If I got bothered because someone didn't appreciate my work I'd sure be 
depressed. I've been flamed to the point someone said something I wrote was 
complete crap and I should commit suicide. THAT was harsh.

And another mail I sent to the list today, I pointed out the reason I didn't 
link tot he docs. I WANT people to BUY the books from Free BSD to help 
support the project. You can't possibly think that was wrong of me, the 
developers need to eat too.

> -josh
> p.s.  Hello World!  Sorry I'm a newbie...Had to get that out  :)
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