FreeBSD 6 - Do i need both CD1 and CD2 ?

John DeStefano john.destefano at
Tue Jan 3 09:46:02 PST 2006

From: "" <flashweb at>:
> There is 5.4 to 6 upgrade also at

This would be a great resource, if it were sure to work.  I am not
anxious to go from 5.4-STABLE to 6.0 (not until it goes stable), but I
tried to run through the preparatory steps as outlined on that page. 
I ran into a few concerns with steps 2 and 4:

> freebsd-update -v IDS | tail +8 | grep . > /root/base-modified

This resulted in an empty file for me... but perhaps that is as
expected.  When the suggested step is to "generate a list of files
from the base system which have been locally modified", are we talking
about a list of only binaries, or of _all_ locally modified files? 
While I've edited many configuration parameters, I certainly haven't
modified any binary files.

> cut -f 1 -d '$' /usr/local/freebsd-update/work/md5all | uniq |
> while read X; do
> if [ -f $X ]; then echo $X; fi;
> done | sort > /root/base-old

First, after installing freebsd-update according to the first step, I
don't have a "work" directory (nor anything at all in that directory,
for that matter).  Should something exist in this path after
installing the freebsd-update port?  And second, how would one
correctly execute this command string in bash?  I got errors from both
cut and while:
cut: [-cf] list: illegal list value
while: Expression Syntax.


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