unable to write data to disk ad0

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Tue Jan 3 06:57:34 PST 2006

>   Hello,
> I have a FreeBSD 6.0 system on i386. I would like to add a new label on 
> my main FreeBSD partition (I have about 30GB free space left).
> If I try to add a new slice (ad0s1g,  mount point: /shares 
> size:20031MB,  UFS2+S) then I get this message:
> unable to write data to disk ad0

First of all, lets get the terminology straightened out.
I think you mean to say that you want to add a partition to
your FreeBSD slice.   The slice (from 1-4) is the main division 
in FreeBSD and it is subdivided in to partitions a-h.

Second, I presume you are booted to that drive.   The system does
not allow you to modify the label on the boot drive.   If it is the
only FreeBSD bootable drive you have, then you will need to boot
from the 'fixit' CD and run from that to modify the label and 
add the additional partition.    

The fixit is now on the main install CD.   Just boot it and then
choose the fixit item and get a UNIX shell.   You can use sysinstall
from that as well if you don't want to handle fdisk and bsdlabel
yourself.    Just make sure you are careful about the slice and
partition[s] you modify so you don't wipe out something you want
to keep.

By the way, this is in either the handbook, FAQs or the archive.
I know I have answered this questions several times in the last
year - about every two months.    Those resources are your best
first source before making someone write the same thing yet one
more time.


> I also tried to do the same with the bsdlabel utility, but it has so 
> many options, and the examples given in
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=bsdlabel&sektion=8
> are too confusing to me. I do not want to accidentally overwrite my good 
> partitions.
> Can somebody tell me a simple way to add a new label? Then I guess I 
> need to format it with
> newfs /dev/ad0s1g
> and finally mount it. Please help.
>    Les
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