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Mon Jan 2 20:39:12 PST 2006

On Monday 02 January 2006 10:52, fbsd_user wrote:
> here is another install guide more up to date

When I finish with getting Free BSD 6.0 I'll write another one the same way I 
did that one.

And another poster said I should have linked to the docs for help, but there 
was a reason that was left out.

See people use this OS for free and never pay for anything to help the 
developers out. So I instead of linking to free docs told them to BUY two 
This helps them out in that they have a book to look at instead of docs. and 
the developers get at least a little extra cash for the project.

So far I've gotten fairly good feed back but some people didn't quite like it. 
That's fine, however I got a lot of mail from people who loved that tutorial 
and said they were thinking of trying a new OS and wanted BSD but the docs 
were to confusing for some reason or another so they weren't going to install 
it because it wouldn't work and after reading that, they got it.

Another poster said I should not have said "Hit this or that arrow key however 
many times" well, to be honest, I don't plan on making it say "scroll" in the 
next one I write. I did that once and people went for their mouses to 
scroll.... THAT is why I said hit arrow keys. It's only more confusing to 
people who can just read the Free BSD docs already out there, this was for 
people coming from Windows where scroll means something on the mouse.

My target audience for this wasn't people who already use it, it was for 
people who never have used anything but Windows. And yes I didn't add 
anything on configuration because I took most questions myself and then if I 
couldn't figure out their problems I pointed them to the docs. This worked 
for most of them and I'm happy with the tournout.

So thanks all for the comments, I'll take most of them into consideration for 
the next one except for the one about scrolling. Sorry man but that would 
confuse people worse than me saying to hit arrow keys a certain number of 

Believe me, I have an aunt who thinks she's a hacker and good with computers 
but at the same time thinks the icon in her Windows 98 task bar that tells 
her she's online with her ISP,  is the reaosn her computer doesn't work.

Yea..... Neat huh? ;) I tested this tutorial out with users who've never used 
anything but Windows and know nothing at all about computers, I think it did 
the job of getting people to at least try BSD out as I haven't heard of 
anyone following this and not getting the thing installed. 

Wait I take that back, two people couldn't install with it, however, that was 
from one having a USB keyboard that didn't work and another a USB mouse. So 
other than that, it's worked for everyone I've told to try it.

Can't be that bad of a tutorial, it was published 3 times heh. I've done 
similar tutorials where I tell exactly which key to press and when, for the 



Dual booting Debian and windows XP

Dual booting Slackware and Free BSD

Dual booting SUSE and Windows XP

Lots more but I'm not going to waste space.

Anyway, this is longer than I intended so I'll stop here and wait for more 
comments. I'm not trying to make others sound stupid, my goal is making Unix 
easier for people who aren't good with computer in general. They need it most 
of all, Windows is WAY to confusing for a person new to computers, you have 
to use AV software for worms and so on, and adware scanners, it's to much for 
a user new to computing, I recommend Linux and BSD to people who don't know 

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