specifying a day for at command

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at internode.on.net
Mon Jan 2 18:28:28 PST 2006

On Tue, 3 Jan 2006 03:50 am, Jim Pazarena wrote:
> I want to run a job every 00:05 sunday morning.
> It is a script which run for a few minutes, then
> attempts to re-submit itself via at.
> at the end of the script, it has:
> echo "/usr/local/bin/script" | at 00:05 sunday
> this produces an error message:
>    at:trying to travel back in time
> yes, cron could do it, but I would like to run it
> with at. on my old unix OS (SCO) I could enter
>   at 00:05 next sunday, which would work.
> trying:  at 00:05 + 7 days  (on sunday at approx 00:10)
>   gets queued for next Monday.

7 days from 0:10 on Sunday is 0:10 on the next Sunday -- then 
look forward to 0:05 and that is on Monday.

at 00:05 + 7 days
should work.
But you can also specify a particular date.


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