How to convert BIND to TinyDNS?

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Mon Jan 2 11:12:19 PST 2006

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>I asked for help.

You got it - with the xfer idea, as well as directives to the
TinyDNS instructions on how to convert over.

>What I got instead was a lot of empty talk
>on why I should or should not ask for help.

Sorry, but you don't get to tell the messengers how to
dress and how to kiss your ass when they come giving
you advice that you didn't pay for.

And on top of that, this isn't even a TinyDNS mailing

You sir are ungrateful.  You got your question
answered - FOR FREE - and if you didn't like the ancillary
advice you can simply ignore it.

If you can't stand the free flow of ideas I suggest you
PAY MONEY to any number of consultants listed on
the FreeBSD vendor site.  I'm sure they will be happy to
tell you exactly what you want to hear and nothing else.

Meanwhile you still owe the people who answered your
question a thanks.  And as for those who commented
and didn't answer - well guess what, you owe them 
EXACTLY what you paid for their advice - which is
nothing.  Giving them nothing in return is appropriate.
Simply "smile and nod"


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