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Kevin Brunelle kruptos at
Mon Jan 2 09:59:16 PST 2006

> OK, I understand now.  I ultimately want to delete files and was just
> trying to check my command before doing the actual delete.  I will use
> '-ls' in my script.
> >find . -type f -mtime +1w -exec ls -l {} \;
> This works too.  Thanks again!

What is your intent with the -ls?  Do you need the full listing because I find 
that if I just want to know what files are removed the "-print" switch is 
cleaner.  Or, once I am comfortable that the command is doing what I want, 
leaving off the output entirely.

For my temp file deletions I use 

/usr/bin/find /home/kevinb/tmp -atime +3 -exec rm {} \;

Yes, I keep my own tmp/ directory below my home directory (it's an old habit).  
This command deletes anything I haven't accessed in three or more days.  I 
use access (-atime) here but modification works just as well.  I have that in 
a script which cron runs once a day so I can use my temporary folder and not 
worry about cleaning up after myself... and I know that anything I put there 
I expect to lose unless I find a reason to keep it and move it somewhere 

As a word of warning, don't run this in your home directory or in a location 
where there are files which will sit around without being used for months at 
a time.  You would really be upset if ~/.cshrc happened to vanish or any 
other file you rely on but don't think of.


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