Help! Hard disk problems

Anthony M. Agelastos iqgrande at
Mon Jan 2 07:31:32 PST 2006

On Jan 1, 2006, at 11:28 PM, Anthony M. Agelastos wrote:

> Hello all,
> In doing some routine items on my FreeBSD box, it started behaving  
> oddly. I rebooted and to my surprise, I started receiving many  
> messages displaying information regarding that /usr has issues. It  
> puts me directly into single user mode and tells me to run fsck  
> manually. When I run fsck all by itself, here is what it tells me:
> ** /dev/ad0s1f
> ** Last Mounted on /usr
> ** Phase 1 - Check Blocks and Sizes
> CLEAR? [yn]
> This is the first time that I have ever run fsck and I have no idea  
> what this message means or what the best course of action on CLEAR  
> to take. Any input at all would be greatly appreciated (FreeBSD 6.0- 
> STABLE if it helps). Thank you all so much for your assistance.
> -Anthony
After not getting any feedback, I decided to do

fsck -y

This returned my machine to usable. Before doing this while I was  
just hitting "y" to the questions I did not understand, one of them  
mentioned that it had to create a lost+found directory and after a  
while that the directory was out of space. It asked me the question  
to expand. So, I hit yes. Anyways, after all is said and done, that  
filesystem has 500MB of more free space than it did before (it  
doesn't take into account the fact that /usr/src is now empty and the  
size of lost+found). What does the expand option do? Can I safely  
delete lost+found? Like I mentioned before, this is my first time in  
going through these types of issues and I have not found any  
documentation that I can fully understand on fsck and what it does.  
In any event, thank you all for your assistance.

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