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Because the FTP protocol is very primitive and was created before
security was a concern. native  FTP in active mode requires you to
open all the high order ports. This is a well known security hole
and its used to penetrate your system. IPFW does not have way to
close this hole so the handbook IPFW examples do not include FTP.
IPFW was design to force users to use scp command (secure shell)
protocol for FTP & Telnet. Read the handbook for Ipfilter it has way
to secure native FTP.

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i had a minor question/concern i was wondering why does the firewall
rulesets have permissions for everything, and help for running
anything and how to open and wich port to open but yet it has no
ruleset or any help for using a FTP while using a firewall such as
IPFW. it
has no help in the handbook period. on how to use ftp while using
think someone must check this and try to add it in. please
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