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Mon Jan 2 07:16:56 PST 2006

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Mohammed Arab <mohdarab at> wrote:

>   I have question regarding which operating system is a best and
> which one I should have take. Actually I am a system administrator in
> widows server system and I am planning to study Unix system but I do
> not know which one is good and easy, as you know there are many Unix
> system in the marketing. Can you please help me?

personally i think in this case "the best" is a personal thing, and it
also depends on what you need to learn/serve/maintain etc.

i've tried OpenBSD and NetBSD and it's not really my thing, i find
FreeBSD easier to use and to maintain, i really like the
straight-forward install, the ports and the possibility to have "jails"

i prefer FreeBSD on my mailservers, do use Linux and FreeBSD on
fileservers, have used FreeBSD on the desktop but prefer to use Linux
on the desktop at the moment

you should try them all for yourself if you have time for that! :)

grtjs, albi
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