STressing a new server...

Michael Vince mv at
Sun Jan 1 18:36:19 PST 2006

Gary Kline wrote:

>	Folks,
>	When I bought this bare-bones box and plugged in "stuff"
>	it took several days of figuring out what benchmark and 
>	other utilities to run to stress it.  After a few weeks of 
>	pushing the load to 70+, the burning-in was a fair indicator 
>	that the HW would last.  After 4+ years, no prob.  Now I
>	have a new box, custom built.  
>	Unfortunately, I've lost (or forgotten!) the same of the
>	*.sh script and some of the utilities.  So what should I
>	be running and with an example of args?  Last time I believe
>	there were 5 or 6 stressors.  
>	Also, what's the memory testor utility calld?  I have 
>	a gig of DDR in this new puppy, and want to be sure that 
>	every last BIT is good.
>	Help much appreciated!
>	gary
There is Peter Holm's kernel stress test suite written to stress the 
hell out of FreeBSD
As far as I know there are still some outstanding panics in FreeBSD it 
can trigger.

Other then that theres just plenty of stuff in the benchmarks dir of the 
ports tree.


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